Monday, January 25, 2010

One more semester to go... ugh...

That's right.  One more semester and I get my B.A. in Psychology.  I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do after that but hey... maybe the career fair I go to in Fairfield tomorrow for the NJ State Police will persuade me to do something.  I made sure my schedule was easy for my last semester here at Kean.  All I've got is my capstone course for Psychology (which I think is going to be hell but I'll get into that later) and three Criminal Justice electives that will satisfy the requirements for a minor in that field.  But here I am, in between classes, sitting in the computer lab in the university center laughing because the IT department doesn't know how to fix the printers. 

Yes... that's right... all the printers in practically the entire computer lab are not working and there is a line of about 15 students waiting to use the two computers that actually work.  It's times like these that I actually am glad I decided to do my work at home and print it from there (where it's free btw).  My theory is that someone planted a bunch of genetically mutated mice who feed on the hardware and software that makes these computers run.  It's only makes the most sense people... come on.  And for the people that don't need to print anything?  Well they are all on facebook looking through all of their friend's whorish pictures.  It's a wonderful sight to see, really.  I absolutely love sitting next to someone who is blasting rap through their iPod headphones while looking through their fat friend Crystal's profile that has pictures of her disgustingly sporting a bikini in her backyard above ground pool. 

Oh how great it is to be back at school where the demographic is so varied I feel like the only white kid in the entire university.  But hey, it's easy and it's cheap so I can't complain much.  Except about my Psychology capstone course - PSY 4940 - Issues in Contemporary Psychology - where I am begging to ask questions about sexual orientation or gender specific topics.  Considering I'm the only male in the class though, I guess I should be careful what I say or else I may get the death stare from everyone with a vagina in the room... awwwkwarddddd.  But oh boy is it going to be fun.  Our midterm consists of a 20 minute presentation where we research a job that interests us in the field on psychology and talk to the class about the responsibilities and pay rate and such.  AND THEN.. OH BOY.. our final is a 40 MINUTE LONG presentation about some topic of our choosing.  I think I may pick something about abortion or homoseuxality just to get the class to debate about stuff and talk amongst themselves as a filler.  Should work out pretty well... I hope.  Who knows, maybe I'll just object to what I'm being told to do by my professor in a Vinny Gambini kind of way...

"Professor? Uh... everything you just said is bullshit... Thank you."

ANYWAY... Time to sign off from blogging for a while.  Gonna go hit up the library and prep for the LSAT that I'm taking in 2 weeks *crosses fingers*.