Thursday, February 4, 2010


A personal record of mine was broken today.  On the way to school I saw 3 accidents, 2 separate cops pulling people over, 5 jersey slides (For those of you that don't live in Jersey or don't know what this is... it's when you merge onto or off the highway crossing over all lanes in one fell swoop) and 2 people cross over the barrier between 78 Local and 78 Express.  Let's count that folks... that is 12 obstructions/accidents waiting to happen/FUCKING RETARDS THAT SHOULDN'T BE DRIVING.  For those of you who live in Jersey and have to commute on 78 every morning.  Please tell me you share my pain.  Driving on that damn highway is like giving yourself a death sentence... seriously... it is.

Anyway, when I arrived at school we did mock interviews in my senior seminar psych class today.  Needless to say... they were completely pointless.  My professor is trying to prepare us for a real world interview by pairing up classmates with each other and having them look over the other person's resume.  Then we write down 3-4 questions to ask and we have to present it in front of the class.  How the fuck does asking a person 3 questions in from a classroom of giggling women (I'm one of two males in the class) supposed to emulate a real life experience.  I'm sorry but it felt like more of a comedy skit than anything else.

On the other hand.  My "role of the prosecutor" professor dropped 14 F-bombs in class today (Yes, I counted).  I'd have to say he's my favorite professor this semester.  Why?  He honestly doesn't give a shit about anything.  I find it rather amusing as he is lecturing the class about stuff that you can obviously tell he just does to get paid (doesn't really matter what he does... he's under contract!  oh what a life).

Lastly, I'd just like to comment that Ensidia got what they deserved.  Enjoy your ban you stupid fucking Europeans.

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