Sunday, May 23, 2010

Borgata > Bally's

So a bunch of coworkers and I decided to make a haphazard trip to Atlantic City yesterday after work.  After a lot of screaming and yelling we came down to two choices...

Bally's or the Borgata.

The choice is clear here, anyone with a brain would go to the Borgata over Bally's... but my coworkers have no brains.  Besides the fact that they have horribly lighted casino floors, terrible music and a ridiculously small amount of tables we had an okay time..... no wait, that fucking place sucked... Seriously I would have rather been punched in the nuts then to go there.

A few of us decided that we had enough of the place and took a drive over to the Borgata.  Walking into that place is like walking into the richest guy's house in Dubai.  I swear it is gorgeous... just like the waitresses.  Holy crap those are some of the most amazing looking women I have ever seen.

We played blackjack and roulette for a few hours before finally arriving home at 4:30 in the morning on Sunday (today).  Sure I only got 5 hours of sleep before work but I'm 22... I'M FULL OF LIFE AND ENERGY AND WONDERFUL ASPIRATIONS... RIGHT!?... RIGHT!?

All in all it was a fairly fun evening.  Was the first time I had gone out in a few weeks so it was a nice stress reliever/cathartic/whatever the hell you wanna call it.

Too bad I'm 200 bucks down though... gotta get that shit back somehow...

Maybe I can start selling my body... ANY TAKERS!? 22/M/NJ!! LIKES LONG WALKS ON THE BEACH, PUPPIES AND CUDDLING!!!


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